Shams Free Zone: Create now, Shape the future.

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SHAMS. (Arabic: شمس ; pronounced [Shams]) is the Arabic word for “Sun”.

Acting as a beacon of light and guidance, Shams actively helps nourish and develop creative ideals and entrepreneurial visions.

Sharjah Media City or simply Shams free zone is located in Sharjah, the nearest Emirate to Dubai.

Shams was launched in January 2017 to act as a catalyst for creative and media businesses to grow and thrive. Aiming to be a world-class media hub for innovative facilities and services, Shams covers a wide range of business activities available for those wishing to embark on their entrepreneurial journey in the UAE.

“We make creative entrepreneurship accessible to aspiring startups, SMEs, and established companies.”

Shams Free Zone fosters a vibrant and connected ecosystem for innovators to live, learn and co-create. The Free Zone aims to develop and nurture young talents by offering creative workspace and continuously hosting workshops and training to enrich a wide range of skills. The Free Zone provides the flexibility to combine different activities on the same license, and gives a lot of opportunities to different categories of business by issuing trade licenses to companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in the industries of technology and media, as well as other creative industries.

Their vision is to be a world-class hub for media and creativity in the region with over 4,000+ businesses already incorporated since its creation.
Their mission is to make creative entrepreneurship accessible and inspire business growth. They foster a vibrant and connected ecosystem for innovators to live, learn and co-create.

Shams – a Free Zone community built from within.

The Free Zone is known as a Media Free Zone, but the scope of business activities is not restricted to only the media industry. There are more than 100 activities in total. You can also combine multiple activities under the same license.

  • Service license: for production, re-production, transformation, and distribution of services. Service license includes rendering services as a primary objective and utilizing goods to provide them.
  • Trading license: for selling goods within Shams or importing and exporting of goods. It includes the movement of goods, wholesale and retail sale of goods and rendering of services related to the sale of these goods.
  • Industrial License: for production, re-production, transformation, and manufacturing of goods.
  • Social media influencer License: for the promotion of the goods and services of a third party through social media platforms.

 One other unique point about Shams Free Zone is that it has the lowest minimum age for an owner to set up their business. In Shams Free Zone, you can own a business starting from the age of 19 and your employee can be as young as 18 years old. Most other zones require owners to be at least 21 years old.

They believe in 3c’s:

  • Community: In everything they do, the community comes first. Doing something for the good of the community benefits all members. In everything they do, they always keep the added value it has for the community in mind.
  • Customer: Within a thriving community, the customer feels empowered and inspired. Fostering their community also means attending to the individual needs of their members. They make sure everyone is supported in a way that is relevant to them.
  • Creativity: In the end, high-quality creativity is what it all comes down to. Fostering the community and enabling individuals are the means to encouraging creative excellence and mind-blowing innovations.

Shams targets several audiences. From SMEs, start-ups and freelancers to diverse groups of stakeholders including Sharjah government and Shams own employees.

In short, why choose Shams as a Free Zone to set up your business?:

  • A wide range of business activities available on the same business license
  • All company documents are issued within a few days
  • 100% foreign ownership permitted
  • Shareholders are not required to be physically present in the UAE to incorporate a new company
  • Companies will have limited liability
  • Ability to appoint Corporate Directors and Corporate Managers for your company
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 0% corporate or personal income tax
  • Quick and simple online registration process
  • Deposits are not required by Shams
  • NOCs not required: if you are an employee you don’t need an NOC from your sponsor to register your company
  • Allocation of up to 6 visas on a shared desk facility
  • Located 5 minutes from Sharjah International Airport and 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport

Shams Free Zone is a good option if you are looking to set up a business in Sharjah at an affordable price.


For more information visit SHAMS page here or call us on +971 58 514 2021.

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