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The term “one size fits all” certainly has no place within the modern business community. This is even more relevant when referring to the needs of organizations based out of the UAE. While there are many reasons to start a business in Free Zones, there are also countless questions to consider.

What is the cheapest free zone license in the UAE? What does a residency visa in Dubai cost? Are different zones associated with their own unique sets of obligations? What is involved in the event that you wish to change the name of your company? How are share transfers completed? What happens in the event that a trade license

renewal in Dubai is required? The fact of the matter is that these are only a handful of the questions which our team addresses on a daily basis.

The only potential problem is that some third-party advisory services are less than circumspect in regards to the help and advice that they are willing to provide. This can result in costly and time-consuming mistakes; obvious issues for any business that hopes to make its presence known throughout the UAE. FreeZoneMarket is therefore your one-stop-shop when only the best will suffice.

Perhaps you are interested to learn more about how to obtain a valid e-commerce license. Are you looking to obtain the cheapest business license in the UAE due to a limited budget? You might instead hope to create a concise MoA (Memorandum of

Association) in order to appeal to new shareholders. These are only a handful of the services which FreeZoneMarket is more than capable of providing. Please feel free to speak with a representative directly. We will be happy to explain our services in greater detail so that you can make an informed decision.

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Share Transfer

Documents preparation for share transfer, appointment with Registry, etc.

Amend Company Name

New MOA, assistance with Registry,

Amend Licence Activity

Add an activity, update licence, new MOA, etc.

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