International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

IFZA is one of the business zones strategically located in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It is the region’s most powerful business getaway and is central to Emirates commercial and economic activities. IFZA serves start-ups, SME’s and large scale holding companies. Luckily, you can find business and individual registrations as one package on at competitive rates.

IFZA creates a level playing field for the business to grow, whether a multinational or a local company. Its geographic location and global positioning make it a critical stop-over for businesses. The infrastructure and government policies on business and finance make IFZA one of the most important zones in the Emirates. It is easy, fast and cost-effective to get the required document for business setup and management.

As more people setup business ventures in Dubai, the city becomes a complete package for locals and foreigners. It is a cultural exchange and commercial development hub in the UAE. Foreigners can live, learn and do business in the city. The city boasts of over 2000 business ventures, among them holding companies and SMEs. They are broadly divided into 3 clusters; commercial, professional and industrial.

The Benefits of Doing Business in IFZA

The Dubai Free Zones is an important hub in the Middle East region. It brings in traders and shoppers from all over the world, making it a multi-cultural and economic city. It informs the steady growth of AED in international markets.

IFZA Dubai has a competitive rating on licenses. Other business costs are also fair, making it an all-around package for budding entrepreneurs. The taxation rates are also reasonable. Foreigners can own a business 100% and repatriate all profits to their home country. The government also does not charge a personal account or corporate tax to businesses. It also does not levy tariffs on imports and exports.

When registering, all essential services are on one platform. From VISA to business account opening and any other document, you get it on All administrative and business information is available online. It is not mandatory for company owners to be present when registering their companies. Most importantly, companies can get a harmonized IFZA license for all their business activities.

Foreigners working for companies within the IFZA Free Zone do not require a NOC from their VISA sponsor. They do not need the permission of their resident VISA benefactor to register a business. The business incorporation process is fast and efficient with transparent and competitive pricing.

You can get an office space, shared or private, quickly. can help you get a suitable office space for your company. It can also facilitate a good residence for you, your family, and your workers.

Why Use

All its processes do not involve a third party, saving time and money.

Every service you need is under one roof. From businesses to personal services, you find them all on Notably, it helps you process residence VISA for Dubai and the entire UAE.

With the one-stop-shop platform, costing for all services saves you significant sums of money. Auditing and Tax agents cost you AED 750 each, while accounting charges AED 1,000. If you decide to buy accounting software through, you get a 15% discount. Comparing these costs with other service providers, you save a significant amount. Every process and document is worth every AED spent.

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