Sharjah Media City Free Zone (Shams Free Zone)

Sharjah Media City, better known as Shams Free Zone, is a part of Sharjah City in the UAE. It was created in 2017 by the Sharjah Emirate government to spur creative and media businesses. The aim is to make the city the centre for media excellence in the UAE. Regulatory and policies initiatives in the free zone aim at making registration, setup, operating a company and service provision faster and easier.

Besides media and the creative space, Shams Free Zone has other businesses working to support the flagship project. It has innovative facilities that make it easier for companies in different sectors to setup and thrive. As an entrepreneur, you can live, innovate, sell your goods and services anywhere in the Emirate. The tax model is friendly, allowing the business to repatriate profits to their home country.

Types of Licenses in Sharjah Media City

  • Consultancy License – the license authorizes the practitioner to consult in media and other services within the free zone. It facilitates custom-made services to any corporate or individual working in Shams free zone and the entire Emirate.
  • Media License – it allows the company to run media businesses, ranging from social to audio-visual services. It also allows the company to offer other services related to media and journalism.
  • Trading license – gives authority to the company to exchange tangible goods and services, including importing, exporting, wholesale and retail trading.
  • Freelance – for those who have a skill but do not have a physical location, this license allows you to work within the city.
  • Industrial – The license authorises manufacturing and large-scale production activities within the city. It offers a single package license for activities within this sector, among them production, logistics, sales and distribution.

The Sharjah Free Zone government package these licenses into 1, making it easier to trade and cut operations costs.

Why Use

  • You don’t need an agent to act on your behalf during company registration in Shams Free Zone. You get all business documents from the platform.
  • The platform is a one-stop-shop for all your business formation processes and documents. Thanks to the simple process, you get assistance faster, maintaining the working efficiency needed.
  • As a single platform for all your business needs, it saves you money that you’d otherwise have used to move from office to office seeking assistance. From accounting to auditing, VISAs, business permit renewal, tax agent and FTA approvals, you have it on You are also eligible for occasional offers and promotions.
  • The system has other complementary services, including getting a resident VISA and a business bank account opening. In essence, will kick-start your entrepreneurial journey in Sharjah Media City without physically being present.
  • The city offers competitive pricing compared to the other emirates in the UAE. It doesn’t charge the processing fees for licensing or VISA applications. You also do not get charged for facilitating shared or private office space. Overall, the costs associated with the formation and renewal of company documents are significantly reduced, making your work easier and more affordable.

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