Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ)

Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ) is part of the Ajman City metropolis in Ajman Emirate of the UAE. It is the latest Media City in UAE as part of the Ajman 2021 Plan. As an emerging free zone centre, Ajman aims to create a conducive environment for all budding and established media entrepreneurs. The idea is to create a dependable, modern and professional environment for corporates and individuals.

AMCFZ prioritises business registration and formalisation processes. It is easier to setup and manage the business in the free zone. As Ajman 2021 Plan takes shape, the city will offer a world-class environment for any company seeking to setup its office in the city. From innovation to harmonised systems, the goal is to provide a single company registration and management package.

Investors in this field have favourable conditions as they will open the world to the business environment in the Emirates. The government has tailor-made processes with an affordable package for the media industry. As the capital city in one of the Emirates, Ajman Free Zone has the potential and goodwill to incorporate any company worldwide.

Types of Licenses in Ajman City

  • Service Licence – it gives the business permission to produce, reproduce, transform and distribute services within the city and the entire Emirate. Companies within this sector can use their license to offer complementary services and activities. Media houses, consultancies, freelance and other service companies fall in this category.
  • Trading license – businesses that move tangible goods within and outside Ajman use this license. It involves imports, exports, logistics, distribution and storage. The permit also allows wholesale and retail trading, all using this license for operations.
  • E-commerce – as shops move online, so are the licenses. Any company engaging in online sales without physical shops takes this license. It also ropes in online influencers who offer market activities for third party clients.

Other Procedures You Need When Setting Up a Business in AMCFZ

VISA is a must for foreigners seeking to establish businesses in Ajman.
A physical office is also essential since it localises your business within Ajman. Depending on your finance and mode of operation, you can have either a private or shared office.

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