Process of Obtaining a Trade License in Dubai

Process of Obtaining a Trade License in Dubai - Business setup Dubai
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A trade license is an essential requirement for establishing and operating a business in Dubai. As one of the leading business destinations in the world, Dubai offers a streamlined process for obtaining a trade license. Understanding the steps involved and the requirements to obtain a trade license is crucial for entrepreneurs and investors looking to set up their ventures in this dynamic city. In this article, we’ll explore the process of obtaining a trade license in Dubai, highlighting the key steps, requirements, and considerations to help you navigate this vital aspect.


Understanding Trade License in Dubai 

A trade license in Dubai is an official document that grants permission to individuals and entities to conduct commercial activities within the emirate. It is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant free zone authority, depending on the business location. The trade license categorizes the type of business activity that can be conducted and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


Selecting the Business Activity and Legal Structure 

The first step in obtaining a trade license in Dubai is to determine the nature of your business activity and choose the appropriate legal structure. Dubai offers different types of licenses based on business activity, such as professional, commercial, industrial, or tourism licenses. Additionally, entrepreneurs must decide whether to establish their business in the mainland or a free zone, each with its own set of regulations and benefits.


Trade Name Reservation and Initial Approvals

Once you have determined your business activity and legal structure, the next step is to reserve a trade name for your business. This can be done through the DED portal or the relevant free zone authority’s online platform. After successfully reserving the trade name, you need to obtain initial approvals, which may involve obtaining external approvals from relevant authorities depending on the nature of your business activity. These initial approvals vary based on the sector and may include approvals from government departments such as the Municipality, Health Authority, or Civil Defense.


Preparation of Legal Documents 

To proceed with the trade license Dubai application, you will need to prepare the necessary legal documents. These typically include a completed application form, a memorandum of association or articles of association, a lease agreement or tenancy contract, shareholder or partner documents, and passport copies of shareholders or partners. The specific documents required may vary based on the legal structure and business activity.


Submission and Payment of Fees

Once the legal documents are prepared, they need to be submitted along with the trade license application form to the relevant authority. This can be done online or in person at the DED or the respective free zone authority. The application fees and license fees, which vary based on the business activity and legal structure, must be paid during the submission process.


Trade License Issuance and Post-Licensing Requirements

Upon successful submission of the application and payment of fees, the authority will review the application and conduct any necessary inspections. Once the application is approved, the trade license will be issued, allowing you to legally operate your business in Dubai. Post-licensing requirements may include obtaining additional permits or approvals from specific government departments, depending on the nature of your business activity.


Renewal and Compliance 

A trade license is typically valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually. Renewal requires the submission of updated legal documents and payment of renewal fees. It is crucial to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, including timely renewal, maintaining accurate records, and adhering to applicable laws and regulations throughout the operation of your business.



Obtaining a trade license in Dubai is a crucial step for entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish their businesses in this thriving city. By understanding the process and requirements involved, you can navigate the journey of acquiring a trade license with confidence. Whether setting up in the mainland or a free zone, Dubai offers a streamlined process to obtain a trade license and provides a supportive ecosystem for business growth. With a valid trade license in hand, you can embark on your entrepreneurial journey and seize the abundant opportunities that Dubai has to offer.


Obtaining a Trade License in Dubai 

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  • How much does a trade license cost in Dubai?

The cost of a trade license in Dubai varies based on factors such as business type and location, with prices ranging from a few thousand dirhams to higher amounts.

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