AFZ Free Zone: Creating success since 1988

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Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was launched in 1988 and was granted independent status by H.H. Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuami, Ruler of Ajman.

Creating success since 1988, Ajman Free Zone is a strategically situated at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf in the Emirate of Ajman. Their main aim is to offer a global opportunity for foreign investment with a platform for trade and industry business establishment. They provide a wealth of essential cost-saving benefits for entrepreneurs and investors within the United Arab Emirates and across the globe. They have simplified the process of business set- up through effective digitalization and by offering flexible and tailored packages to suit a variety of requirements. In addition, they provide a host of customizable service solutions and product offerings that meet a wide variety of needs to simplify business requirements. They remain committed to fostering the growth of their investors with dedicated and innovative ongoing support and advisory services, enabling them to fully realize their ambitions.

The creation of AFZ has boosted industrial activities in the emirate of Ajman, resulting in thousands of companies presently being hosted in the free zone.

AFZ’s strategic location at the doorway to the Arabian Gulf means easy access to both western and eastern markets. Ajman is easily accessible from two international airports and four seaports. The international Dubai/Sharjah airports are within 30 minutes’ drive from AFZ. Ajman Free Zone is located next to Ajman Port, which serves over 1,000 ships per year. Highways connect AFZ to other emirates. Sharjah is adjacent to Ajman and Dubai is only 12 km away.

Strategic Business Sectors

  • Food and Beverage: To date, there are more than 430 F&B companies concentrated on production and distribution of edible goods located in Ajman Free Zone.
  • Automotive: The Ajman Free Zone is currently home to 96 companies involved in design, development manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles, making it one of the fastest growing sectors in the free zone.
  • Health & Beauty: More than 200 health and beauty related companies reside in Ajman Free Zone.
  • Construction: The free zone offers strategic business locations to various companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Come visit and see the plots of leasable land for all types of development. To date, there are more than 800 listed construction-based companies in the Ajman Free Zone.
  • Education: Ajman Free Zone is home to 170 education-based facilities that are highly suitable for advanced learning such as institutes, research centers, skills centers, universities, and international testing/exam centers.
  • Agriculture: Ajman Free Zone is currently working its way to becoming one of the most preferred destinations for agri-business and agricultural commodities–further marking its potential for great success. Currently hosting more than 20 agri-based companies, the goal is to support the increase of self-sufficiency from agricultural production and workforce in the agricultural sector by providing the ideal business location.
  • Oil & Gas: Ajman Free Zone is well equipped to deliver integrated solutions across the oil and gas business. The free zone is currently home to 70 oil and gas companies operating in the UAE.
  • Paper & Packaging: Ajman Free Zone houses 45 packaging companies which have found the free zone an ideal venue to operate in the region.
  • Jewelry (gold & diamonds): The free zone has been home to 361 jewellery based companies–hosting a collection of the most spectacular jewelries, precious stones, gemstones, gold, silver, platinum, and many other high-end accessories & ornaments.
  • Media: Equipped with modern facilities, the Ajman Free Zone is well-positioned to become the new media hub in the Middle East, while already a home to more than 200 media-related outlets and agencies. The free zone is designed to meet the needs of creative professionals and media practitioners seeking for flexibility and cost-effective business setup. Its attractive packages and incentives coupled with the emirate’s affordable cost of living and strategic location makes Ajman Free Zone a preferred destination for emerging talents in the region.
  • Marine: Ajman Free Zone offers easy access to Ajman Port, delivering a host of marine services such as ship building, repair, management, consultancy, conversion, and offshore fabrication. The free zone hosts more than 90 marine based companies at present.
  • Textiles: Ajman Free Zone serves as a strategic hub for more than 320 textile-based companies— offering the ability to import and export to the entire world with the most cost-effective advantages.
  • Advanced Technology: Ajman Free Zone is home to more than 400 companies in the technology sector.
  • Sports: Ajman Free Zone offers several incentives aimed at facilitating the growth of sports business in the UAE, and the process of setting up a sport business in AFZA that is seamless.
  • Chemical Industry: Around 230 trading companies operating in the Free Zone belong to a broad array of industries and benefit from AFZA’s capabilities to serve an even wider array of customers.

 License Types in AFZ

  • Commercial License: this license allows you to import, export, and distribute products throughout the UAE.
  • Industrial/Manufacture License: this license provides necessary manufacturing facilities within the free zone to accomplish multiple functions including the imports of raw materials, the manufacture of listed goods, and the export of products abroad.
  • Services License: this license allows you to offer the services listed on the license contract clause.
  • E-commerce License: this license is specific to companies carrying out business in electronic trading activities, allowing businesses to leverage the growth potential of e-commerce across B2C and B2B opportunities.

 Advantages of business setup in AFZ

  • 100% foreign ownership (you don’t need a local sponsor)
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No corporate or personal income tax
  • The location of this Free Zone is strategic and central
  • Low cost of living in the Emirates of Ajman
  • Low cost office rental
  • Large scope of business activities (read above)

AFZ is a strategic choice to set up your business. Indeed, the Emirate is perfectly located, offering low startup costs, flexible business regulations, a low cost of living, and affordable labor.

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    Yes, you are allowed to trade locally and internationally but subject to the Rules and Regulations of DMCC Free Zone.

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