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Dubai Media City Free Zone Company Formation
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Dubai Media City: Overview

Dubai Media City (DMC) was inaugurated in January 2001 with the goal of positioning Dubai as the foremost media hub in the region. DMC encompasses various media-related sectors such as news agencies, publishing, online media, advertising, production, and broadcasting facilities.

The oversight and management of DMC fall under the purview of the Technology Electronic Commerce and Media group (TECOM), which is a subsidiary of Dubai Holding. TECOM oversees a total of 11 free zones, often referred to as “business communities,” and Dubai Media City proudly stands as one of them.

This vibrant ecosystem offers cutting-edge infrastructure and a nurturing environment that empowers media-centric enterprises to thrive on a global scale from Dubai. It stands as one of the most esteemed destinations for company registration in the city.

Wide range of activities offered by  Dubai Media City:

Dubai Media City offers many business opportunities tailored to the diverse needs of the media and communication industry. Whether your expertise lies in advertising, marketing, event management, or media consultancy, Dubai Media City presents the perfect platform for your business to thrive and expand. The primary categories of business activities permitted within Dubai Media City encompass:

  • Advertising & Communication
  • Media and Marketing Services
  • Event Management
  • Media and Marketing Consultancy
  • Media Production
  • Radio and TV channels

Moreover, Dubai Media City extends its support to freelancers through special permit options. Freelancers can operate under the auspices of the TECOM authority within Dubai Media City, granting them the independence to work under their own names, establishing themselves as individual practitioners in their respective fields.

The freelance permit not only allows you to operate under your birth name but also positions you as a sole practitioner in your area of expertise. Furthermore, the Dubai Media City freelance visa permits you to reside in the UAE and even sponsor your family, offering a comprehensive solution to freelancers seeking stability and growth.

Discover the boundless possibilities within Dubai Media City and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit in one of the world’s most dynamic media and communication hubs. For more details on freelance opportunities, please visit the Freelance Visa in the UAE page.

Company registration fee with Dubai Media City Free Zone:

Dubai Media Business Setup fees starts from 18,540 AED, here is all the fees associated for the company registration, Facilities and residence visa:

Item & description

License cost first year   Details 
Company registration fee AED 3,520

One time

Trade License fee

AED 15,020 1st segment AED 15,020. Any additional segments would be AED 10,000 each

Establishment Card fee

 AED AED 2,000

 Renewal: AED 1,790

Residence visa fee ( 2 years)

AED 4,950

Security Deposit AED 2,500

Medical check & EmiratesID  AED 1,280

AED 19,920

The time frame of the company registration is between 7 to 10 business days and the process could be done remotely so the presence of the shareholders and directors is not required.

Different Facilities offered by Dubai Media City:

Dubai Media City Free Zone Authority provides many office facility solutions at affordable cost at the location of Dubai Media City area:

  1. Business Center – Exclusive Desk: AED 35,000 ( Security deposit AED 5,000 Refundable)
  2. Business Center – Executive furnished office: AED 54,000 ( 10,000 AED deposit)
  3. Commercial  office:  From 70,000 AED
  4. Personalized offices as per the client needs.

Share Capital

Authorized Currency: Local currency United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED)
Minimum Capital Min requirement:  AED 10,000
Maximum Capital requirement:  No limit
Release of Share Capital:  It is not required to deposit the share capital when the company is registered.

Advantages of Dubai Media City

The Dubai government remains committed to enhancing the Emirate’s standing as a prominent media hub by implementing new measures aimed at simplifying the process for investors to establish media firms in Dubai. Setting up a business in the Dubai Media City Free Zone offers numerous advantages:

  1. Complete Foreign Ownership: Investors enjoy the privilege of 100% foreign ownership of their media ventures.
  2. Optimal Business Environment: Dubai Media City Free Zone provides an ideal business environment tailored to the unique needs of media players.
  3. Exemption from Personal and Import Duties: Businesses operating here are exempt from personal and import duties.
  4. Opportunity for Growth and Partnerships: The strategic location fosters opportunities for achieving fame and success, making it a prime destination for growth and partnerships.
  5. High-Quality Infrastructure: Dubai boasts top-notch infrastructure, ensuring businesses have access to essential amenities and resources.
  6. One-Stop Government Services: Dubai Media City Free Zone serves as a convenient one-stop shop for various government services, streamlining administrative processes.
  7. Repatriation of Capital and Profits: Investors can repatriate 100% of their capital and profits.
  8. Clustered Workspace: The free zone offers a collaborative workspace where various media firms can operate, collaborate, and cooperate effectively.

In Dubai, you have the option to establish your media firm in three distinct zones:

Dubai Media City: This zone boasts over 2,500 media enterprises and employs more than 25,000 workers and investors, making it the largest media center in the region. Notable companies like CNN, Thomson Reuters, and the BBC call this zone home.

Dubai Production City: Offering a global ecosystem for media production, printing, publishing, and packaging industries, Dubai Production City hosts over 220 businesses and approximately 6,800 professionals.

Dubai Studio City: As the main business community in the region, Dubai Studio City accommodates over 220 businesses and 2,500 individuals, providing an excellent environment for work and investment in the media sector.

Dependent residency visa: Family sponsorship

After obtaining the Investor / Employee  residence visa , the applicant can sponsor his family Members and get them a residency as dependents, the requirements are as below:

– Sponsor Original Emirates ID
– Sponsor Passport + visa copy (Original/Color copy)
– Salary Certificate-Arabic (from authority) OR Labor contract
– Ejari /Registered Tenancy contract OR / TITLE DEED + Dewa bill
– Dependent Color passport copy
– Marriage certificate/birth certificate (attested from home country, MOFA and translated to Arabic)
– Clear PP size Photo

Cost of the residence visa for dependent

For a wife / husband / child dependent of a partner or an employee

– Residential Visa fee : AED 2,650
– Medical check: AED 850
– EmiratesID: AED 390
– Letters & NOC’s: AED 250
– Our fees: AED 2,500 ( Adult ) and AED 1,250 for child less than 15 years:

TOTAL package for spouse: AED 6,350
TOTAL child<15ans: AED 5,100

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